Welcome To Mbiu ya SautiKuu

SautiKuu is a magazine, officially registered as “mbiu ya SautiKuu.” It is owned, designed, and published by Holistic Centered Inspirational Services Limited (HCISL). This website title goes by its diminutive form “SautiKuu” having omitted the first two words “mbiu ya” for convenience sake.

The magazine is the organization’s vehicle through which it carries many of its services such as educating, inspiring, training, and edifying. Besides ministry through the printed page, the magazine conducts seminars, conferences, training, research, online services such as this website, and many others.

This is a place where you will receive a wide array of teachings in various areas. There is a forum which serves as a platform upon which you will be able to interact with many on issues of leadership, management, business, spiritual matters, news, and many more. All this comes to you in a text form, audio, video, and pictures. You can delve in all social media in this web and get all you need and want in any area of study. Welcome, enjoy, and be edified

What we Do
  • Educating

  • Inspiring

  • Training

  • Edifying

  • Seminars & Conferences

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